Veggie Resources

Adopting a new diet can seem like entering into uncharted territory. Here are some resources that will put you well on your way to a healthy and delicious veggie diet., which is operated by Mercy For Animals, is a great resource for those looking to learn more about how to prepare veggie meals. They have a free ebook, a Vegetarian Starter Guide, which provides you with educational materials about basic nutrition and helpful ideas for meal plans. Choose Veg also gives helpful pointers for transitioning to a veggie diet and eating vegan on a budget. 

7-Day Vegan

7-Day Vegan is an excellent website designed to show you how to live vegan for a week. 7-Day Vegan provides diet plans where they plan out every meal for an entire week. You can also choose between different vegan diet plans according to your taste preferences. 7-Day vegan makes it easy to enjoy a vegan meal plan and, as a result, show you nifty life hacks for adopting a diet that is convenient, tasty and kind to animals and the environment. 

The Vegan Resource Group

This is probably the most comprehensive source that you will find for information and advice on everything involved in a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. If you have questions about the nutritional aspects of veganism, such as Calcium, Vitmain B12, Vitamin D, Iron, and so on, then this website will have the information that you need. If you want to be vegan and have diabetes, kidney disease, or need a gluten-free, low-sodium, nut-free or soy-free diet, then The Vegetarian Resource Group will have practical recipes,  guides and meal plans. VRG also has resources for how to live a healthy, tasty veggie lifestyle during pregnancy or if you are planning meals for people at any stage of life, from infancy to old age, body builder to hospital patient. They have multiple free guides that you can download, in addition to information about aspects of a veggie lifestyle that extend beyond the scope of diet and nutrition. 

Konikoff Dentistry

This website was recommended to me by some readers, and it's excellent. It's a great resource for health advice, delicious recipes, and learning more about veganism. Just click on the link and start exploring. You won't be disappointed.